FAQAbout products and the LEMFÖRDER brand

About the LEMFÖRDER brand

Where can I purchase LEMFÖRDER spare parts?

Workshops obtain the LEMFÖRDER high-quality steering and chassis components from the ZF Services’ wholesale partner. As a driver, you should always have your car serviced and repaired by an authorized workshop and use LEMFÖRDER original parts. This will help keep you safe on the road.

You can find LEMFÖRDER sales partners near you through our global sales network.

What vehicles are LEMFÖRDER spare parts available for?

You will receive the appropriate LEMFÖRDER steering and chassis parts for almost any vehicle. Detailed information on currently available parts, including vehicle brand, model, manufacturing year, etc., can be found in our WebCat online catalog WebCat.

How do I recognize an original LEMFÖRDER spare part?

Read the detailed information on imitations, reproductions, pirated products

Does LEMFÖRDER belong to ZF Services?

LEMFÖRDER is one of ZF’s established product brands. Its outstanding technological competence as an original equipment manufacturer supports ZF Services when it comes to representing the LEMFÖRDER brand in the spare parts market.

What does original equipment manufacturing or OEM quality mean??

The products that LEMFÖRDER offers as spare parts in the aftermarket meet the same high quality standards as the original parts manufactured for volume production. This applies equally to design and material as it does to strict quality controls.

In our video “LEMFÖRDER, the No. 1 original equipment manufacturer worldwide” we show just how we achieve and ensure this quality using the most modern test methods.

What does sustainability mean for LEMFÖRDER?

Sustainability is a top priority at ZF and is implemented across the board as a key quality feature, including LEMFÖRDER brand products. After all, sustainable development and production are critical for future viability.

As a concrete example, we have developed a phosphate-free surface coating to be used as anti-corrosion protection – it saves resources, is environmentally-friendly and less dangerous to process.

What is the origin of the owl in the LEMFÖRDER logo?

The owl can be traced back to the founder of Lemförder Metallwaren Gesellschaft mbH in 1947. His last name “Ulderup” contains the Low German word for owl: "Ule". The owl originally sat in a triangle formed by 3 tie rods.

About the products

Where do I find out about new additions to the LEMFÖRDER product family?

We always make products new to the LEMFÖRDER portfolio available on our website.

How do I find out which LEMFÖRDER spare part is compatible with my car, truck, or bus?

Using the online ZF Services catalog WebCat, you can find and view the right LEMFÖRDER parts for any vehicle model.

How do I search for the spare parts I need in WebCat?

On the WebCat search page, you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do a search in our WebCat online catalog.

Where can I find up-to-date safety and installation information on LEMFÖRDER products?

For a more detailed technical description and information on how to install our parts correctly (sequence, tools, etc.), go to our service information page.

From the repair shop's perspective, what is the drawback of using spare parts supplied by the customer?

To comply with product liability laws, under certain circumstances, the repair shop may be liable for damages to the spare part and all associated consequences.

What are the risks of imitation products?

Unlike the original product, imitation products are not designed specifically for the operating environment. For manufacturers of inexpensive imitations, the prescribed quality tests for the automobile application are not usually profitable.

From the field

As an workshop, where do I go for support?

ZF Services has an online contact form for technical queries and offers technical phone hotline under +49 9721 475 5555 (available from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Here, you can obtain expert help and support for the entire LEMFÖRDER product range.

In addition, as a partner of our workshop concept, you will also receive ongoing support, training sessions and access to a special installation hotline ZF Services [pro]Tech.

When installing spare parts, do the nuts and bolts also have to be replaced?

LEMFÖRDER supports the recommendation of vehicle manufacturers to generally replace any loose nuts and bolts with new ones since they may not function properly if re-used. The low cost of these new parts is not worth this risk.

Does LEMFÖRDER supply the necessary installation hardware along with the spare parts?

Installation hardware such as nuts, bolts or seals that are needed to replace all, even adjacent components, are included in our OEM quality Service Packs repairs, even adjustment plates and eccentric screws, if needed.

When ordering the spare part in the WebCat online catalog, WebCat you will see under criteria whether the part comes with a hardware set or whether one is recommended.

What do I have to keep in mind when aligning four-link axles?

If parts are replaced or just loosened on double-wishbone axles, the toe-in curve must also be calibrated and re-aligned, where necessary.

How do I determine whether rubber-to-metal components are defective?

A visual inspection (for cracks, folds, metal flaking) helps to diagnose whether any rubber-to-metal components are defective. Fluid leaking from hydraulic bearings can be a sign of damage to the rubber-to-metal component. Damaged rubber-to-metal components in the chassis can also be identified by damage to adjacent chassis components.

Do steering parts and chassis components have to be regularly inspected in the workshop?

Yes, because these parts are regarded as safety parts. In other words, the risk of an accident increases if these parts are damaged. They can also cause expensive subsequent damage to other vehicle components.

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