The TecAlliance electronic communications sytem was developed as an industry solution for the independent automotive aftermarket. The system offers all the usual business processes as standard functions.

The solution makes it possible for the trading partners to exchange all kinds of business data:

  • Price and delivery requests
  • Express and stock orders
  • Electronic order confirmations
  • Electronic dispatch advices
  • Electronic invoices

The modular system design makes it possible to adapt TecAlliance to the needs of the individual trading partners, without sacrificing the prescribed standards. Connection to the TecAlliance system opens up free electronic communication with the next retail level within a closed circle of users.


Alexander Saiz
Coordinator eServices
Tel.: +49 9721 4756-121
Fax: +49 9721 475596121
E-Mail: alexander.saiz@zf.com

Jürgen Ternes
Tel.: +49 9721 4756-214
Fax: +49 9721 475596214
E-Mail: juergen.ternes@zf.com

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