Chassis and SafetyComfort and Safety as a Programm

Shock absorbers are important for a safe drive as well as brakes, tires and steering system

Video: BOGE shock absorbers provide driving safety

Independent studies show that in Germany there are about 6 million passenger cars with defect shock absorbers, thus being a safety risk:

  • bad road adherence
  • extended braking distance
  • danger in curves
  • aquaplaning

We recommend to check the shock absorbers every 20,000 kms!

Bad road adherence (wheel grip)
  • Catapult danger by missing roadway contact
  • Higher wear of tire
  • Decreased riding comfort
  • Change Manoeuvre
  • Skipping Wheel
Longer braking distances
  • Till 8%, because the braking power isn‘t fully used
  • The vehicle prostrates and breaks out
  • ABS, ASR, ESP are decrease in their effects
  • Prolonged Braking Distance
Danger in curves
  • Bad drivability in curves
  • The vehicle brakes out quicker
  • Behaviour in curves
  • Aquaplaning effects start earlier
  • Vehicle control is worse also with side wind

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