BOGE Shock Absorbers for Passenger Cars

Top performance every day

Shock absorbers are crucial when it comes to cornering position, road grip and brake performance - in short: they are responsible for the safety of your car. The shocks of a new car will master any situation. But what happens after you driven some thousand kilometers and a replacement is recommended? Then BOGE shock absorbers will again allow for the same safety and comfort as in a new car. Depending on your driving style, you can choose between two different kinds of shock absorbers.

With BOGE shock absorbers, workshops and customers are always on the safe side when it comes to quality. The technical characteristics are exactly tailored to the requirements of automotive manufacturers and are convincing thanks to high-quality materials and sophisticated machining processes. Special technologies are always applied where they contribute to a noticeable improvement of vehicle handling - exactly and individually tailored to the vehicle type, axle and spring design. BOGE shock absorbers guarantee highest safety and best comfort.

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