ZF in Japan

ZF at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015

Visit us from October 29 - November 8, 2015, at the Tokyo Motor Show in Japan and experience what The Power of² will be able to achieve in the future with our highlight: the Advanced Urban Vehicle.

From a position of strength. ZF and TRW unleash the Power of²

The integration of TRW into ZF offers strong growth potential. We are ready to tackle the motion, mobility and safety challenges of our industry.

ZF celebrates its anniversary

ZF was founded 100 years ago. We have built a bridge of the past to the present and beyond.


The 8-speed automatic transmission for fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

ZF Japan in Motorsports

Here you can find the latest motorsports news, race reports, and the videos of Super GT Reporter

MOTORSPORT JAPAN 2015 Festival in Odaiba

The ZF ambassador, Mayumi Matsushita, guides us through the MOTOR SPORT JAPAN 2015 Festival in Odaiba.


Following the motto "100 Years – 100 Schools", the company and its initiative "ZF hilft." make it possible to build and expand 100 educational institutions in poverty-stricken regions around the globe.


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