ZF Technology for Cars

Automatic Transmission

7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission

The sports transmission.

The 7-speed dual clutch transmission makes especially sporty driving performance possible: direct drive and lightning-fast gear changes without interrupting the shear force. The car "sits right on the gas". It also achieves fuel economy better than that of a manual transmission thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency.


  • Capable of rpm of up to 9,000
  • Gear change within a few hundredths of a second, below the level of human perception
  • Two sub-transmissions: the first one transfers the propulsive power, and in the second one, the next gear is pre-selected
  • Strategy-capable power take-up element is flexibly adjustable depending on the engine characteristics
  • Various driving modes: manual, comfort, sport, supersports

Product Details

Dynamic propulsion "right on the gas"

The dual clutch transmission from ZF enables lightning-fast gear changes under load without interrupting the torque. It is thus ideally suited for vehicles with dynamic/sporty designs. In them, the ZF transmission performs a balancing act between pure sportiness and the highest driving comfort.

Overview of ZF dual clutch transmissions for cars:

ProductType of prime moverSpeeds (forw.)Input torque (NM)
7DT45HL(A)Rear / 4- Wheel7450
7DT45FLFront / longitudinal engine7390
7DT70HL(A)Rear / 4- Wheel7700
7DT75(A)Rear / 4- Wheel7525;750
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