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Learn about David's experience as ZF Fan Reporter at Sebring

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Get to know where you meet ZF Race Engineering GmbH live at an exhibition

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Power and Paddles

ZF’s modified 8-speed automatic transmission is also a contender in motorsport – in BMW’s M235i racing car

Impress with Lightweight Design

Formula Student: Racing dampers with reduced weight and improved performance

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ZF Race Engineering GmbH
Ernst-Sachs-Straße 62
97424 Schweinfurt

Tel. +49 (0)9721 98-4300
Fax +49 (0)9721 98-4299
E-mail: service.zre@zf.com


ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Moritz Nöding
Head of Motorsports Communications /
Press Motorsports
97419 Schweinfurt

E-Mail: presse-s@zf.com

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