Maximum driving enjoyment with maximum agility200 milliseconds for 1 gear change

The new 8-speed automatic transmission is more than a consumption marvel - it is a top performer. Shift comfort, reaction times and a direct engine link - on all these points, the new 8-speed automatic transmission stands up to the most rigorous comparison with the existing benchmark of sporty automatic transmissions - the second generation ZF 6-speed automatic transmission that first went into production in 2006.

Faster acceleration

In addition to its positive effect on fuel consumption, the higher overall gear ratio improves the acceleration values of the ZF product. Shorter gear steps, particularly from first to second gear, give vehicles fitted with the 8HP faster acceleration and enable improved shift quality in the lower gears. Two additional gears also helped the ZF engineers achieve an increase in the overall gear ratio, without loading individual gears with excessive torque or speed. This harmonious torque and speed distribution is less harsh on parts and allows reliable operation with fewer "hefty" gear sets

Precise gear shifting

200 milliseconds is how long the 8HP 8-speed automatic transmission takes to carry out a gear shift - fast and smooth. Even a professional driver can't shift as fast as this. This gives gear shifting that impressively combines driving pleasure, efficiency, and maximum comfort. Direct gear jumps over two or more gears - including the extreme of shifting from eighth to second - are also possible. In conjunction with the intelligent adaptive shift strategies, this guarantees maximum agility and driving fun.

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