Corporate Principles at ZF

The Corporate Principles are the basis for all business activities at the company. They underscore strengths and the shared philosophy at ZF, they give firm support and a sense of direction, and they are measure for dealing with each other – with the worldwide employees, the business partners and the customers.

With clearly formulated corporate principles regarding our identity, our sense of responsibility, our values, culture and vision, we aim to strengthen the feeling of solidarity within our company and lay the foundation for sustainable, successful corporate development on all continents.

Our Identity

Our mission is to strive unceasingly for technological innovation and top-notch solutions that help your bottom line. These ideals have helped place us among the global leaders in driveline and chassis technology.

We operate globally and draw strength from our inventiveness. As a technology leader, we seek to play a strong and responsible role in shaping the mobility of people and goods in growth markets. And we intend to lead in the development of the technologies that this requires.

Our Responsibility

Our very high standards of fully complying with all applicable laws – a long tradition in our company – are reflected in our Compliance-Guidelines.

Our commitment to sustainability includes minimizing the resources we consume and protecting the environment. It also means that we respect our social and cultural surroundings.

We embrace social responsibility and play our part in shaping public life. A strong sense of dedication to social and humanitarian causes, culture, education, and sports is a large part of our company’s ethos. Special attention is devoted to the welfare of our employees and their families.

Our Values

Our strength is rooted in technical precision combined with an unconditional drive for innovation. It is based on integrity and respect in our relations with our customers, staff, and suppliers.

The key guarantors of the long-term appreciation of our business are the success of our customers and the loyalty to our employees.

Our Culture

We nurture a climate of mutual respect and fairness within the company and in our interactions with partners. A diversity of different cultures is also highly valued in both our internal and external business functioning.

The identity we have cultivated demands that we recognize the shared values amidst our diversity and strive toward cohesion. The actions of each individual and business unit must first serve the interests of the company as a whole.

Our Vision

Tomorrow’s growth is founded on our enthusiasm for innovation. It also lies in our willingness to assume even greater responsibility in the value chain of the future.

We will be a confident partner in working with other companies to tap into new markets. And more and more, we will be in the driver’s seat.

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