Fleet ServiceCalculable Costs Thanks to ZF Plus

With the program ZF Plus, ZF offers private bus companies, urban transport services and forwarders service and diagnosis solutions. Through ZF Plus, the operating costs during the whole life cycle of vehicles with ZF transmissions can be calculated. Furthermore, the maintenance or preventive overhaul of transmissions, a fleet service for the control of all electronically controlled ZF products, as well as trainings are offered.

The worldwide service network with about 650 service locations makes the offered services available anywhere in the world. We will be glad to give you advice in one of our service locations. Feel free to contact us!

Openmatics: the plus for fleet operators

With Openmatics, the open, manufacturer-independent telematics platform, ZF Services already offers added value for operators of commercial vehicle and bus fleets. A strength of the system is the possibility to respond to new requirements with the suitable app. It is even possible to integrate apps that were individually designed by users. This way, the platform grows and can be extended through additional features.

The new Order+ app is a current example of this intelligent concept of Openmatics. It can be used to respond to new orders more quickly, avoid empty runs, and improve vehicle utilization. In the future, ZF Services and Openmatics will continue to cooperate in order to develop and distribute more suitable digital services for the aftermarket.

Protection against risks

The risk protection of ZF Plus includes three service packages:

  • ECP (Extended Coverage Program) which comes up for all repair- and remanufacturing costs on the transmission system over a period of five years or 1.000.000 km.
  • CC (Life Cycle Costs) module, which covers all occurring repair and overhaul costs as well as maintenance costs over a period of 12 years.

LCC (Life Cycle Costs) module, which covers all occurring repair and overhaul costs as well as maintenance costs over a period of 12 years.

Both modules can be used for new vehicles as well as for vehicles that are still within the original warranty period.

  • ZF-ForLife-Module, which is tailored to the needs of special vehicles. The full-service contract additionally includes the services of the LCC module.

All modules contain an availability guarantee as well as the takeover of costs for the assembly and disassembly of the transmission system.


The service element maintenance offers ideal protection and calculation of operating and repair costs. That way, investments can be planned target-oriented and without risk. Unprofitable downtimes caused by spontaneous failures are reduced or shortened with the delivery of exchange units.

In order to prevent damages and to increase the lifetime of the transmission, ZF Plus offers preventive overhauls for a fixed price. The global ZF Services network guarantees the quick and worldwide supply of exchange units and spare parts as well as the processing of special requests (retrofitting activities).

Retrofits and overhaul

If the utilization conditions for your commercial vehicle change, then the technology requirements will frequently change as well. A retrofitting or application change can thus be a worthwhile investment. Your vehicle will master trips better and more economically with retrofitted ZF units: The ZF-Intarder for example, ensures a far more secure and wear-free braking, or ZF-gearchange systems for relieving the driver.

If, moreover, you want your vehicles to power pumps, winches, and other auxiliary applications, then we will provide you with the fitting PTOs, either as a clutch-, engine dependent, or vehicle driven version. Depending on the respective application, the robust technology can be adapted directly to the corresponding transmission. ZF developed the PTOs for light, medium, and heavy trucks and, in addition to the automatic transmission systems of the ZF-AS Tronic family, it can also be flanged to the Ecomat, Ecolite, Ecomid, Ecosplit, and TC-Tronic product ranges.

Upon customer request or the vehicle manufacturer, software updates of electronic control devices are completed for bus and commercial vehicles. Fuel savings are achieved by increasing shifting comfort and improving the shifting strategy. The TopoDyn Life drive program for example constantly adapts the shift points during travel, depending on the topography. It saves up to 19 percent fuel compared to transmissions without TopoDyn Life.

Long-distance and long-term monitoring

With ZF Plus it is possible to have long-distance and long-term monitoring of all electronically controlled ZF products. Defaults can be identified early and thus be avoided. By adjusting the basic transmission software, also older transmissions can meet modern comfort and economy requirements.

ZF Plus software allows to specifically adjust transmission control to special routes or vehicle applications. This means that fuel savings can be attained and clutch wear can be reduced - thanks to an optimization of the shift points.

Trainings and consulting

Trainings are part of the service of ZF Plus. What is also important in this context is the Ecofluid transmission oil, developed by ZF in cooperation with renowned lubricant manufacturers. Training sessions on its characteristics and other ZF products are provided for drivers and customers in order to ensure optimum use of the product.

The driving style also adds to a low fuel consumption. For this reason, ZF Plus offers consulting and training service for an optimum driving style and the best driveline design. The analysis of operating costs by ZF Plus includes the consulting of optimization possibilities as well. That way, the control software of automatic transmissions can be improved on the basis of the operating data.

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