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ZF at the 2017 Hanover Trade Fair: Smart Solutions for Digitalized Industrial Technology

Friedrichshafen/Hanover, Germany. Networking and digitalization are driving development in automated operations. The future of industrial technology belongs to systems that are designed to independently capture their surroundings, respond accordingly and cooperate with each other. As a provider of smart mechanical systems, ZF is presenting an over-arching cloud solution at the Hanover Trade Fair and exhibiting the first applications of the ZF Cloud in wind parks and cableways. More

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ZF at the Auto Shanghai 2017


ZF Expands Development Capabilities in China

Shanghai, China. ZF is setting the course for further growth in the Chinese market with the expansion of its Engineering Center in Shanghai. The new facilities, based in the Songjiang district, will enable the company to more quickly develop advanced technologies for the Asia-Pacific markets. Further expansion is planned over the course of the next five years. More

Global Technology Company With Local Expertise

Shanghai, China. Asia-Pacific, with China being the main market, is one of the most important market regions for ZF Friedrichshafen AG. With approximately €7.6 billion, more than one fifth of the company's €35.2 billion sales was generated there in the 2016 fiscal year. China's growing market was responsible for approximately €6 billion alone. ZF not only strengthens its excellent position with local production for national and international vehicle manufacturers, the company is also expanding i More

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ZF and Astyx to Jointly Develop Next-Generation Radar Technology

Friedrichshafen/Ottobrunn. ZF Friedrichshafen AG has acquired approximately 45 percent of the shares in Astyx Communication & Sensors GmbH. Astyx was founded in Ottobrunn near Munich in 1997 and develops and produces ultrahigh-frequency radar sensors and modules for the automotive and other industries. More

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ZF in 2016: Increased Profits, Reduced Debt

Friedrichshafen. ZF Friedrichshafen AG closed the 2016 fiscal year with a significant rise in profits and a strong improvement in cash flow. Group sales rose by 20.6 percent to €35.2 billion. The adjusted EBIT margin climbed one percentage point to 6.4 percent and adjusted free cash flow totaled €2 billion. From this strong financial position, ZF reduced its debt from the TRW acquisition by €1.6 billion while increasing spending on research and development to €2 billion. In 2017, the company is More

With AKC, ZF Awarded Innovative Technology of Automotive Suppliers by Chinese Global Times

ZF Friedrichshafen AG recently was recognized for its rear axle steering system AKC (Active Kinematics Control) with an Innovative Technology of Automotive Suppliers Award from Global Times, a major international news outlet in China. More

ZF Receives 2017 Supplier Technical Cooperation Award from Great Wall Auto

ZF has received the Technical Cooperation Award from Great Wall Auto at the Chinese carmaker's 2017 Suppliers Convention for the outstanding performance of its steering systems. The award also marks the long-standing collaboration between the two companies. More

ZF Technology Center inaugurated in India

Hyderabad/Friedrichshafen. ZF Friedrichshafen AG inaugurated its Technology Center in India on Thursday in the presence of K.T. Rama Rao, Minister for IT, Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries & Commerce of the Telangana Government. The India Technology Center (ITC) will focus on developing advanced electronics and software solutions for automotive and industrial applications. This will reinforce ZF's global research and development network while expanding local product More

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ZF gets closer to start-up scene

Friedrichshafen/Sunnyvale (CA), USA. ZF and the digital start-up accelerator Plug and Play have agreed on a strategic cooperation. As „Founding Anchor Partner “, ZF can further expand its network of partners to start-up companies which are active in relevant technology areas. More

With Optional Integrated Hybrid Module: ZF's new 8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission for Sports Vehicles.

Friedrichshafen. With an all-new 8-speed dual clutch transmission (8DT) as a basis, ZF and Porsche have collaborated to develop a modular hybrid transmission kit for sports vehicles, catering for current and future drive trends. More

Active Rear Axle Steering on the Road to Success

Friedrichshafen/Lebring (Austria). With Active Kinematics Control (AKC), ZF has become a market leader for active rear axle steering (RAS) in passenger cars and is constantly expanding its offering. The company has now produced more than 100,000 units – just four years after starting volume production of its AKC system for two exclusive sports car models. Seven premium vehicle manufacturers meanwhile enjoy the benefits of this ZF chassis innovation in volume production. More

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Friedrichshafen/Stuttgart. STARTUP AUTOBAHN was founded in May 2016 as an open innovation and cooperation platform for start-ups and existing companies from the fields of Mobility and Industry 4.0. It addresses both international and local start-ups and partner companies. The founding members of the initiative alongside Daimler AG are the US partner Plug & Play Tech Center in its role as start-up accelerator and investor, the University of Stuttgart plus the research factory ARENA2036. At the EX More

ZF and NVIDIA Announce Artificial Intelligence System for Autonomous Cars, Trucks and Industrial Applications

Friedrichshafen/Las Vegas. ZF, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers and a global leader in active and passive safety technology, today announced it is working with NVIDIA to develop artificial intelligence (AI) systems for the transportation industry, including automated and autonomous driving systems for passenger cars, commercial trucks, and industrial applications. More

Safer Roads Are Possible Thanks to the X2Safe Intelligent Algorithm

Las Vegas/Friedrichshafen. ZF's X2Safe intelligent algorithm can help to significantly improve traffic safety because it is capable of warning drivers, pedestrians and cyclists ahead of an impending collision. The company is underlining its claim to play a central role in the development of autonomous driving. With the cloud-based algorithm, it adds another milestone in the digitization of mechanical components. More

ZF, UBS and innogy Innovation Hub Announce the Jointly Developed Blockchain Car eWallet Algorithm

Las Vegas. The new Car eWallet from ZF, UBS and the innogy Innovation Hub, built on blockchain technology to ensure security, is an innovative payment system that makes it easy to pay for electric car charging while on the go. Additonally, this innovative solution will handle many other mobility-related payments, such as highway tolls, parking fees or car-sharing. More

Electric or conventional: Openmatics Dashboard makes managing car fleets easier

Selective mobility could soon become more important than owning your own vehicle. The market is already gearing up for this trend with an ever-growing range of digital mobility services. The new app from Openmatics (the ZF Aftermarket connectivity specialist) can play an important role in this respect. It graphically displays the entire fleet on a single digital map which can also be filtered according to specific criteria. More

ZF Presents Networked Vehicle Platform for the Rinspeed "Oasis"

At the 2017 CES the Rinspeed Oasis, a visionary electric concept vehicle, will feature a number of technologies from ZF, most notably the world debut of its "Intelligent Rolling Chassis" (IRC). More

Driving Safely into the Future with Networked Intelligence

Las Vegas/Friedrichshafen. ZF, the global, integrated systems innovator and top-three global supplier is focusing on digitizing mechanical components, promoting e-mobility technologies and reducing traffic accidents and emissions. By developing advanced technologies and business models, ZF continues its journey as a key player in autonomous driving – for both passenger cars and commercial trucks. More

News 2016

New ZF Airbag Concepts Help Raise the Bar in Passenger Car Occupant Safety

Friedrichshafen. To help mitigate injuries in the event of a collision, ZF is set to launch several new and innovative passenger airbag concepts, including a passenger and curtain airbag system with either V or U-shaped design features. ZF's new airbag system is designed to better protect front seat occupants from serious injuries even when the vehicle is struck head-on and from the left at 90 km/h (56 mph). More

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GENUI Acquires ZF Subsidiary Cherry

Friedrichshafen/Auerbach/Hamburg. German private investment company GENUI and the Cherry management has announced the acquisition of the international Cherry Group from ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Excellent growth prospects for the computer input device manufacturer and its employees will result from the investment. More

ZF Establishes Zukunft Ventures GmbH to Accelerate Innovation

Friedrichshafen. ZF has established a company to invest in technology companies. Zukunft Ventures GmbH, headquartered in Friedrichshafen, opened its doors for business in September 2016. The new company's mission is to identify and invest in companies that are involved in developing technologies that could be relevant for ZF. For start-ups, in particular, this is a great opportunity to obtain additional investment capital. More

Active safety advancements from ZF – meeting global challenges for cyclists and pedestrians

Friedrichshafen. ZF Friedrichshafen AG is advancing the development of systems that See, Think and Act to help prevent accidents involving vulnerable road users - the pedestrians, cyclists and other road users who are an increasing percentage of annual road accidents and fatalities. More

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ZF Increases Profitability in the First Half of 2016

Friedrichshafen. ZF Friedrichshafen AG has continued its good business development in the first half of 2016. In the first six months of 2016, sales increased to €17.8 billion and the adjusted operating profit (EBIT) rose to €1.1 billion, while net debt was reduced to €7.2 billion. The business figures can be compared with the prior-year period only to a limited extent as the first half of 2015 was essentially characterized by extraordinary items: the acquisition of the U.S. automotive supplier More

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ZF announces recommended cash offer for Haldex

Friedrichshafen / Stockholm – 04 August 2016: ZF has announced today a public offer for Haldex Aktiebolag (publ) ("Haldex"), a supplier of brake products and air suspension systems for commercial vehicles, listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. ZF will offer SEK 100.00 per Haldex share in cash, valuing Haldex at SEK 4.4 billion. More

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ZF and Ibeo to Develop New Lidar Technology

Friedrichshafen/Hamburg. ZF has today announced that it has acquired a 40% stake in Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH. The Hamburg-based company, which was founded in 2009, is a market leader in lidar technology and in developing environmental recognition software with a particular focus on applications for autonomous driving. Ibeo's customers include several major global vehicle manufacturers. More

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ZF Combines Aftermarket Organizations

Frankfurt a. M./Friedrichshafen. ZF Friedrichshafen AG is taking another important step in the integration of TRW Automotive by combining the two aftermarket organizations of ZF Services and TRW Aftermarket. With effect from January 1, 2017, the new organization will create the world's second-largest service organization in the automotive supplier segment. More

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ZF Global Press Event 2016

What are the key trends for the commercial vehicle industry as it heads into the future? What products and competencies does a leading technology company need along the way? And is it possible to create innovations that enhance safety and efficiency? During the 2016 Global Press Event, ZF presents its answers to these questions. More

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ZF’s CEO Sommer: Acquisition of TRW a Milestone in our Strategy and an Example of Perfect Timing

Friedrichshafen. One year after the acquisition of TRW Automotive, Dr. Stefan Sommer, Chief Executive Officer of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, has referred to a “milestone in our Group’s strategy”. The integration of the company, known as the Active & Passive Safety Technology Division, is progressing constructively and faster than expected. More

Million-Seller in Commercial Vehicles: ZF-Intarder Celebrates its Production Anniversary

The ZF-Intarder wear-free brake system for commercial vehicles is celebrating a special anniversary, with one million units produced. The system integrated into the transmission assumes 90% of all braking without involving the service brake and thereby increases safety, saves material and protects the environment: All in all, the one million manufactured ZF-Intarders have prevented around 60,000 tons of brake dust. More

ZF Pushes E-Mobility in China

At Auto China, technology company ZF is presenting plans for its new E-Mobility Division in the Chinese market. At the start of 2016, ZF combined all activities regarding e-mobility solutions within the new division, whose focus is to develop and produce highly-integrated solutions worldwide; from hybrid to all-electric axle drives for passenger cars. The portfolio also includes electronic transmission control units and their associated control elements. More

ZF in the Asia-Pacific Region: The Growing Importance of a Dynamic Market

Over the past few years, Asia-Pacific, with China being the main market, has developed into one of the most important regions for ZF Friedrichshafen AG. With a turnover of € 6.4 billion, more than one fifth of the company's € 29.2 billion of sales was generated there in the 2015 fiscal year. ZF is acknowledging the growing importance of this dynamic market with a change in the Board of Management; effective April 01, 2016, the Corporate Market Function is now centrally More

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ZF Enters A New Dimension With TRW Acquisition

Friedrichshafen/Stuttgart. ZF Friedrichshafen AG continued its successful corporate development in 2015. ZF generated Group sales of €29.2 billion in fiscal year 2015. This includes €8.9 billion from ZF TRW, which has been integrated as the new “Active & Passive Safety Technology” Division since the acquisition on May 15, 2015. Currency effects and organic growth together accounted for 5 percent of the increase in sales. More

Double Steering for Increased Safety: ZF Presents Prototype with Combined Front and Rear Axle Steering

ZF Friedrichshafen AG is currently proving with a new test vehicle how the different fields of competences of the two formerly independent companies ZF and TRW can be combined to generate solutions with a high customer value. The prototype combines the Dual Pinion Electrically Powered Steering (EPS) by ZF TRW on the front axle with the Active Kinematics Control (AKC) by ZF on the rear axle. The degree of safety can be enormously enhanced: Despite the slippery ground, the passenger car stays perf More

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ZF at the CES 2016


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ZF Services launched first Online Flagship Store in China

Since January 6th ZF Lubricants and oil change kits are available for ZF Services customers in China. More

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