The Next Level


Urbanization, demographic change, sustainable resource utilization – many of the global megatrends have been making their presence felt for many years. ZF has already set the course toward the future with its Strategy 2025. One consequence of this was the acquisition of the U.S. company TRW. A new Group has crystallized from the two strong companies – with greater clout, diverse market opportunities and with the ability to shape tomorrow’s mobility.

Technological leadership with twice the power

Such company acquisitions are rare: ZF managed with TRW Automotive to acquire a company which had virtually no overlaps with ZF in its product portfolio. The range of technologies and competencies where the two companies complemented each other almost perfectly proved all the broader, though. For that reason it made perfect sense to integrate ZF TRW under the motto “The Power of ²” as the Active & Passive Safety Technology Division. The company wasted little time before demonstrating the innovativeness of the ZF Group: ZF presented the AUV at the IAA (International Motor Show) in 2015. Since then one thing has been clear: Smart mechanical systems, i.e. the optimum interaction of actuators and controllers on the one hand, and sensors and software on the other, make for a decisive advantage in ZF’s hands. The company aims to leverage this advantage to the full in future in order to implement fuel efficiency, occupant safety, driver assist systems through to autonomous driving.