ZF CAMERA SYSTEMS make vehicles see. In this field, we already focus on the requirements of tomorrow: Tri-Cam4, for example, supports the most advanced driving functions with its three lenses including a telephoto lens and a fish-eye lens.

Eggs in more than one basket with A BROAD PRODUCT PORTFOLIO: ZF’s diversified range of expertise delivers greater added value and minimizes risks.

Minimize risks predictively

A computer does not panic and freeze. For this reason, intelligent systems on board a car can not only detect hazardous situations more effectively, they can – thanks to sensors, high-resolution cameras and software algorithms as well as suitable computing power – also interpret them. They can also respond quickly and appropriately, with virtually no delay, with independent braking and evasive maneuvers. The technology in passive safety solutions we now all take for granted – airbags and pretensioners triggered to the exact millisecond – will help take the standard of safety in vehicles to a new level in the form of active driver assist systems.

Broader base ensures stable growth

E-mobility illustrates the kinds of opportunities a diversified product and service portfolio brings for ZF: ZF benefits from this megatrend not just as a supplier of drive solutions that make locally zero-emission mobility a reality. ZF also plays a major role when it comes to generating power from renewable energy sources, by supplying gearboxes for wind turbines, for instance. A broad product portfolio not only makes ZF less dependent on economic cycles. Technologies and process know-how from the automotive industry can also be transferred to neighboring sectors with lower quantities and a higher level of individualization, such as the agricultural and construction machinery industries.