Passenger cars with a PLUG-IN HYBRID TRANSMISSION from ZF can drive at up to 120 km/h without any assistance from the combustion engine. The range in all-electric mode is up to 50 kilometers – depending on the battery capacity. As such, for many drivers the combustion engine does not start at all during everyday motoring.

Quality is a basic prerequisite in the competitive environment. Thanks to efficient COST AND PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT, ZF customers receive reliable products and services at competitive costs.

Lower emissions with higher output

Greater cost-effectiveness, lower emissions with the same or improved output – this is the objective when it comes to implementing state-of-the-art passenger car drives. Electric drive solutions are particularly in demand today. Such solutions need to keep pace with growing competitive and cost pressures while at the same time meeting ever greater customer expectations; they must be efficient, but not detract from driving pleasure.

ZF offers everything that is required to fulfill these expectations. From individual hybrid modules, plug-in hybrid systems, which are already being used in a host of volume-production applications, through to an all-electric rear-axle drive that is due to enter volume production from 2016. The engineers are not taking their eye off conventional drives though. Take for instance, the second generation of its globally successful 8-speed automatic transmission where ZF has further reduced fuel consumption compared with the transmission's highly energy-efficient predecessor.

Top quality at lower cost

Reliable technology – the decisive factor in all product applications. ZF makes a major contribution in this respect with its diversified product portfolio. To ensure this will continue to be the case, customer orientation permeates the entire Group. It is an approach that is reflected in the product strategy, in quality, right through to the availability of spare parts and the global service network.

To ensure the top quality of our products and services at economic costs, ZF is generating new synergies through the integration of ZF TRW: Knowledge sharing and the further development of common standards will improve the quality of our products even further. Materials procurement of the two companies is also being merged – with positive repercussions for the cost structure.