Steer, brake and accelerate automatically with the HIGHWAY DRIVING ASSIST: The combination of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering Assist helps to maintain a defined safe distance to the car ahead.

Digitization is revolutionizing production, ushering in the era of INDUSTRY 4.0. With the aid of smart machines that communicate with each other and cooperate with people, ZF aims to become even more efficient across the entire value chain.

Automated driving functions for all vehicle categories

Sit back and read the news on your way to work, while the vehicle sets the indicator at 130 km/h to overtake smoothly, and then autonomously changes lane: Scenarios like these become reality with automated assistance systems which will relieve the driver in future of the need to steer the vehicle. Powerful sensors, complex electronic control units and mechatronic systems, which ensure the safety of the driver, occupants and other road users at all times, enable vehicles to see, think and act. To ensure that such systems are not reserved exclusively for full-size high-end luxury cars, ZF is already working continuously on “democratizing” the autonomous driving functions across all vehicle categories.

Effectively utilizing automation internally

Networking and digitization play an important role for ZF not just in terms of product development. A look in the production halls reveals that here too the digital transformation has long since been underway, for instance as part of the needs-based maintenance and repair of machinery or the optimization of the operating process. Milk run systems which transfer transport orders for the final assembly line to the driver in real time using mobile scanners are already part of ZF's everyday operations. ZF also calls on digital support when it comes to identifying individual parts across the entire production process: IT-based traceability systems document the production cycle and soon also the lifecycle of individual workpieces – and provide even greater reliability thanks to automated workflows.