Suspension Springs

SACHS suspension Springs guarantee optimal driving characteristics. More than 1.800 different articlenumbers for European and Asian cars are available.

Springs for all requirements

We offer standard springs in OEM quality.

H.D. Springs, the reinforced version, are designed to provide even better road-holding and increased driving safety. They are specially suited for sporty driving styles as well as frequently alternating vehicle loads. They differ from standard springs in that they have a larger material cross section and a higher spring rate.

Springs keep the vehicle stable

They keep the unevenness of the road surface away from the vehicle. Together with the shock absorbers, they ensure that the wheels stay firmly and safely on the ground. And they prevent the body of the car from swaying too much in bends and when accelerating and braking, so that the vehicle does not drift to the side.

Springs grow old

Even compressing and stretching millions of times over is not a problem for a well constructed helical spring. But there comes a time when even the best spring starts to lose power. Add to this rust and mechanical damage, both of which weaken springs and can cause them to break.

The consequences are:

  • Loss of optimal road contact
  • Easy swerving of the vehicle in curves
  • Hitting the top due to lack of spring tension


All SACHS springs are made of high-grade chrome-vanadium or chrome-silicon steel. Depending on the requirements of the automobile industry, they are either hot or cold coiled. Their surface is compressed in a shot blasting plant which considerably prolongs their service life.