Advantage - Shock absorbers for superior demands
and an individual driving feeling

Pure Joy of driving. A top shock absorber with distinguished features: maximum driving safety, optimized road holding, highets driving comfort.

Advantage puts an emphasis on individual requirements


SACHS Advantage is the alternative for the highest demands in all driving situations. Individually adapted to each vehicle for that decisive plus in handling and driving stability. Advantage combines sportiness with comfort.

Sachs Advantage a head start throug


In the Advantage series, you will only find single and twin tube gas pressure shock absorbers. Special techniques are employed wherever they can lead to a noticeable improvement to driving performance. An example of this is groove technology, which helps to adapt the absorption power to the certain vehicles. Or state-of-the-art valve technology which permits a special coordination of digressive characteristics. Advanced technology precisely and individually tailor made to suit each vehicle type, axle construction and suspension design. In this way, Advantage convinces above all by its high safety reserves and optimum road-holding.