As one of the biggest suppliers of the automotive industry, ZF is getting involved with motorsports. As constructors and producers of dampers and clutches applicated in racing cars and production cars with reinforced performance, we are partner of the top-teams and top-brands.

Our commitment and involvement in Formula 1 and many other race series makes it possible to develop products, which time and again surpass the limits of engineering feasibility. So we gain knowledge that flow into the development of our high-performance products for chassis and driveline components - designed for racing and street. Our products guarantee excellent connection and assembly opportunities, optimized function and a long durability.

ZF’s motor sports heritage has proven to be as comprehensive as successful. Since 1914, ZF components and systems contribute to success in many motor sports events. Commitment to motor sports is an intrinsic part of our corporate tradition, and continues to be pursued with success to this day.


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