ZF’s on the pulse of the market


In tackling these daily challenges, ZF benefits from its years of experience in China. Long before the economic boom attracted companies from around the world, ZF had already established itself in China. The first business contacts date back to 1980. Since then the company has continuously expanded its presence in the country, and today counts itself among the market leaders in numerous product segments. The employees nationwide at the production plants and after-sales and service locations guarantee the highest level of quality. “We have secured a leading position in many areas, and we will defend it by expanding our capacities and investing in new products,” announces Guohong Ye, President of ZF in China.

Promoting localization

When products have to cater to conditions in the country, it is often easier and more economical to have the components manufactured locally – known in industry jargon as “localizeering”. “At the beginning, ZF imported all its parts from its European plants,” says Rolf Gall, head of the Engineering Center, ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd. “Then we realized that some things weren’t suited to the market.” Consequently, development was partially relocated to China.

China’s standards are rising


And these days quality is king – local vehicle manufacturers are raising their standards. In the past, market share was won with low-priced products. But as more and more Chinese passenger cars, buses and trucks are exported, they need high-quality components to be competitive and successful in the global marketplace. They’ll only be able to achieve that with savvy business partners who have been in the country long enough to understand its unique needs.

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